From: Mitch McNeel <>
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 11:19:13 EDT
First want to thank those who replied, I got some good feed back.

A few said that I could use "pca" which can download and also install
specific patches or
just all new patches and produces a nice report.

One reply from Kayo Granillo <> wrote:
>  Sun is working to correct the problem with wget. You can manually
> download the patches or for Solaris 10, use Sun Update Connection. Also have
> you accepted the new SLA agreement? Log in at Sunsolve and this will take
> care of the issue.

Thank again,


Mitch McNeel wrote:
> Hi Sun managers, I have a question on wget ( from
> I've been trying for the last couple of days, to
> download patches from the sun solve site using the script
> provide by SUN. I have a sun contract account (on sun solve), but can't seem
> to get the patches (unsigned = zip) to download. When I run the script
> everything seems to be fine, but when I try to unzip the file, it tells me
> that it's not a valid archive. I then run 'file', which tells me
> that its a text/html file. I then look at the downloaded file through a web
> browser and it turns out to be a copy of the
> home page. Has anyone experienced this issue, if so, how did you resolve
> it? TIA! Mitch _______________________________________________ sunmanagers
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