SUMMARY- T3 - Maximum vol size available?

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 03:35:06 EDT
Hi All

I received 3 replies to date, many thanks to prasanth, Alex & Nevander.

General consensus is that the partner pairs are treated as separate 
units for vol creation so a single volume spanning the two is NOT possible.



Original Question

Hi All

With a T3 which has a partner pair ie 18 drives, what is the maximum
RAID vol size you can have with 18 x 72Gb disks?

The question is can you have a single vol spanning all 18 drives or can
you only have 2 off vol's using u1d1-9 and u2d1-9?

If you can setup a single vol, what is the vol add syntax?


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