Summary: Displaying Users Password Expiration Date/Time

From: Jeff Claunch <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 2006 - 09:05:41 EDT

Thanks so much to all who helped/replied to this message.  I have a fix for
this now.

It seems that I simply neglected to realize that the /etc/default/passwd
file is just a file that contains defaults.  So, when I was changing the
value here it was not affecting existing user accounts.  I've set the value
of WARNWEEKS to 1 larger than MAXWEEKS, and the system warns the user
everytime he/she logs in that his password will expire in XX # of days.
passwd -w is your friend here!

Thanks all!

On 6/26/06, Jeff Claunch <> wrote:
>  All,
> Admitidly, I've not done all the neccessary reserach on this, but simply
> plugging this into google yielded no results that looked feasible right off
> the bat.  Hopefully someone on this list has attempted or been asked to do
> this in the past.
> Problem:  I've got a system where the users on the host would like to get
> a notification once they login of when their password for their ID will
> expire, regardless if the time of expiration is getting close.  Example)
> "Your password will expire in 10 days."
> The WARNWEEKS parameter in the /etc/default/passwd file can be set, but
> can it be set to warn all the time?  I've tried setting it higher than the
> MAXWEEKS param, but it doesn't seem to warn at all even though it's been set
> so high.
> If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them!
> Thanks so much.
> --Jeff
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