SUMMARY#2: Script or tool for extracting Explorer output

From: Benoit Audet <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 16:21:31 EDT
I couldn't make the rest of the day without sharing it with you all.  I 
finally found something interesting that was submitted to me by Fredrik 
Nivesen.  He told me about a tool called "LISA", and available at this address:

This is VERY nice and do at least 95% of what I need.  So, I think I'll 
give it a good try!

Another solution has been submited to me by Bertrand Hutin, and looks good 
as well.  I didn't had the time to test it yet, but I thing it is worth a try:

Thanks to all again.

Ben Audet

>Well, It seems to be hard to find...   ...and I didn't!  :-(
>However, I had 3 interesting replies pointing me out to 3 kind of tools.
>The first was from Bertrand Hutin who sent me a collection of Perl scripts:
>among other thins, his solution puts a web interface around the text files
>structure of the explorer (you can browse through files from a web browser
>instead of via a filesystem...).
>The second one was from Pascal Grostabussiat, who wrote a little app called
>"whatabout", and this app is gathering information on your system and
>creates a sort of summary-listing-file.  It's not using the Explorer
>outputs, however, it gathers its own data.
>The third one was from Laurence Moughan, who directed me to
>"docunix".  This is the closest solution from my needs I had at this
>time.  This is a tool installing a little web server: you create "clients"
>and can then analyse outputs created from the Explorer.  You can get this
>app here:
>This is very nice to automate and concentrate the explorer outputs in an
>environment, and to manage these.  But it lacks in therm of "analysis" and
>reports...   ...and this is my primary need, unfortunately.  As far as I
>can remember, the Explorer output generated by Sun show very useful
>information, in a userfriendly-way.
>Thanks to all who responded!  If anyone has another solution, I'm still
>open to it, so feel free to feed me on this!  :-)
>Ben Audet
> >Hi fellow managers,
> >
> >Is there someone here hou gets a tool or a script that could help me
> >generate a kind of report (web or text based - I don't really care) based
> >on the Sun's Explorer tool?
> >
> >I know this is probably a frequently asked question, and I guest that it
> >has been answered many times, but I just can't find anything else than "No,
> >there's isn't. You must send it to Sun to get a report.".
> >
> >So, if someone could give me a pointer to a solution, this would help me
> >very much more than going through all the files produces as output!!  ;-)
> >
> >Thanks in advance to all of you.
> >
> >Ben Audet
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