SUMMARY: recent issues with SunPCi and MS Office

From: Morty <>
Date: Mon Jun 19 2006 - 17:37:35 EDT

> We have a couple of SunPCi cards running XP SP2, MS Office 2003, and
> other apps, as well as a number of regular PCs running the same OS
> and apps.  After the latest batch of Microsoft updates, MS Office
> under the SunPCi cards won't start.  It gives the following error,
> even when starting the app via the EXE rather than the shortcut:

> operating system is not presently configured to run this application

> The regular PCs are not having this issue, while both SunPCi cards
> are having it.  That makes it seem like it's related to the SunPCi
> cards.  Reinstalling Office didn't help.  Google hasn't helped.  I'm
> more of a Unix geek than a Windows geek, so I'm not sure where to go
> from here.

> Any idea what's up?  Anyone else having this problem?  Anyone else
> in a similar situation NOT have this problem?

> Thanks.

Solution summary:

Gary Tay suggestion that it might be a problem with the "Genuine
Windows" detection patch.  This did not appear to be the case here.

Rich Teer suggested using OpenOffice.Org instead.  Unfortunately, that
was not an option.

Musa Williams suggested using recovery, or doing an Office restore.
The former was not an option.  The latter did not work here.

A gentleman on another list, who will go unnamed because he is not
part of this community, suggested doing a complete wipe of Office
using the "eraser" tool from the resource kit, and then reloading.
This worked until patches were reapplied.  Patches lead to the same

So it's sounding to me like a conflict between Office and SunPCi.  Is
anyone patching Office 2003 ybder SunPCi and NOT having these issues?


- Morty
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