SUMMARY : can not remove "reconfigure" file

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Date: Wed Jun 14 2006 - 01:25:17 EDT
Hi folks,

Lot of helpful souls responded with the right answer.
Do a #ls -bl, u will see of non-printable or hinden charaters to this file. Then do a #rm -i reconfig* to remove this file.

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Subject: can not remove "reconfigure" file

Hi folk,

I am having a very very funny issue. I can NOT
remove "reconfigure" file in Solaris 10
Everytime when reboot the server, I need to use boot -r but the reconfigure file still there
#ls -al reconfigure show the file
I had tried
#rm reconfigure
#rm ./reconfigure
#rm -rf reconfigure
to no avail
This file look like GHOST. I can #touch reconfigure a new file again with two file shown when issue command #ls -al reconfigure

ANy ideas ???
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