Summary: Setup a D1000 with E4500

From: Mohamed Gombolaty <>
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 06:10:50 EDT
Dear All,

Glad to announce that I reached a resolution to my problem, I would
like to thank all those who replied to me and I would like to
acknowledge all of them for their useful tips and insights.

The problem to be more percise as I have noticed something I didn't
mention it in my mail is that there was a parity error of the hardisks
that showed while the OS was trying to read them which led us to think
that since open boot doesn't send many commands to the disks it can
see it and doesn't notice the problem, but when the OS starts to flood
the cables with commands it shows up, so it had to be a problem in the
cables or the terminators or even the scsi cards, I checked the
termination and while looking at the scsi card between the two cables
there was a pin touching another one, separating the pin made all the
difference and I finished installing solaris successfully and
currently studying Solaris Volume Management
 to start using it.

On 5/24/06, Mohamed Gombolaty <> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have digged out an E4500 with 2 CPU cards and SCSI and fiber I/O
> boards but without Hardisk board from our store room, and I have a
> D1000 stoarage with 12 Hard disks that I want to use with the server.
> At the OK prompt I do a probe-scsi-all and I can see 11 hardisks with
> 2 processor entry, but when I start to install Solaris 10 and after
> finishing the Identification part,  it gives a message No Disks found
> and drops to shell, At the shell I type format and get also no disks.
>  I have read a lot of manuals and postings but none faced my same
> problem, and this is the first time I deal with a storage scenario so
> I am really going in circles around my self, can anyone put me on the
> right track.
> Thx
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