SUMMARY: disk disappeared on V880

From: Bruce Shaw <>
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 19:54:40 EDT
Thanks to David Foster, Musa Williams, Ken Rossman who all said pretty much
the same thing:

>> Try 'iostat -En' and see if the disk is listed.

> Not there.  The rest of them are.

>> devfsadm -C
>> devfsadm -c disk

> Nothin'.  It's dead, Jim.  Right?

>>If "format" still can't see the drive, then, yeah, probably it's
>>completely dead.

>>...sounds like it's most likely from the security
>>team and wearing a red shirt...

Oh, well.

KR>Is this disk part of a file system that's in use, that is also already
KR>RAID protected by VxVM or SVM?  If so, there are procedures in both
KR>cases for hot-replacing and rebuilding disk drives, but I can't say
KR>more without more information.

Yes (Solstice Disksuite), and I know pretty much what to do.  

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