SUMMARY: E450 won't boot with APC SmartUPS

From: Kevin Davidson <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 11:55:11 EDT
Consensus is that the problem is caused by getty and the UPS software both
running on the same serial port. Solution is to either redefine the console
or use a splitter cable on the E450, which has a combined serial port as
opposed to two separate A/B connections.

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John Stoffel
Thomas M. Payerle
Tim Evans
Rob Windsor
Brad Morrison

As usual, the list produced a better response in a shorter time than vendor

Original question below:-

> I have an E450 running Solaris 7. I have tried to install and APC SmartUPS
> and the associated power management software on this server, however when
> the UPS is connected via the supplied serial cable the server refuses to
> boot. Disconnecting the cable allows the server to boot, and I can see the
> following appear in /var/adm/messages:-
> Apr 27 11:38:39 myhost upsd[2933]: Unable to communicate with UPS
> Apr 27 11:38:39 myhost unix: envctrl: ignoring debug enter sequence
> Apr 27 11:39:32 myhost last message repeated 1182 times
> Apr 27 11:40:01 myhost login: REPEATED LOGIN FAILURES ON /dev/console
> Any ideas as to how I can get this working. I have previously used this
> and software on an E250 with the same release of the OS no problems

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