SUMMARY: SC 3.1U4 + Sol 10/SPARC + D1000?

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Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 00:53:18 EDT
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Hi agn,

not so much answers, only two, so, thanks to Sami Sun []
for his answer and to Mehmet Soysal [] for the possible
solution. Mehmet told me that the A1000's are no longer supported in Solaris
10, and since the D1000s are almost the same except of the missing
RAID-controller, it's very likely that a setup like mine will no longer work
with SC3.1U4 on Solaris 10.
Well, does not matter, as I wrote it's only for testing - when it goes to
the "real" work, we will have to get some modern storage systems, maybe
iSCSI based or similar.

Thanks to the list for the quick answers and for reading my question,

have a nice hackin',


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Betreff: SC 3.1U4 + Sol 10/SPARC + D1000?

Hi gurus,

just a question concerning SC 3.1 and the good ol' D1000: Are these
old-fashioned storages still supported in an SC 3.1U4/Sol. 10
I have the following setup here (just for testing purposes, so I decided
to re-use some old systems and storages we had in stock):

2 E420, each equipped with a qfe-card for cluster interconn and a
SCSI-Hostadapter to connect them to the shared storage, which is an old
JBOD D1000 with two 36GB disks.
Now the problem: I've set the SCSI initiator ID as described in the
appropriate infodoc, and I can see all disks on both nodes when I issue
a probe-scsi-all simultaneously on both nodes.
So, SCSI driver should be happy, but when I try to register the devices
using devfsadm, the systems hang and only a reboot helps to get them
working again. When I attach the storage to only one of the nodes (no
matter to which one), everything's fine, and I can see the disks, format
them, mount them, etc.
So, I'm a little bit confused, as I did use such a setup very often in
the past with SC3.1 / Sol. 9 without any problems, and my clue is that
it's somehow no longer supported in a Sol. 10 environment.
Can anyone confirm this? Or, has someone of you even done such a setup
It's more or less an academic question, since the real environment will
be different (of course, I don't like to use these JBODs any more), and
for my test, I've thrown away one of the nodes and will now do my test
on a single-node cluster - but, I'm interested in your experiences...

Thanks, will (of course) summarize,

Harald Husemann
Systems Engineer
Materna Gmbh - Vosskuhle 37 -
D-44141 Dortmund, Germany
Phone:  +49-231-9505-222
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