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From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 11:47:42 EDT
> Hello,
> I looked through google and I am still searching, but I know someone 
> here knows because I asked before and I cannot find where I saved the 
> e-mail.
> I am running solaris5.8 on an Ultra-10 and need to purchase the biggest 
> IDE disks that Solaris 8 will recognize. I thought it was up to 133gb 
> and there was some algorithm to figure out the size but I cannot 
> remember. Can someone quickly remind me please the biggest disk I can 
> install in a Solaris 8 machine?

Thanks to Ric Anderson, Matthew Stier, Steven Liu, Bob and sandwich 
Maker for the following answers.

The issue isn't Solaris 8, it is the IDE controller on the Ultra-5/10.
The native IDE controller has the 137GB limit, so you will be limited to 
120GB drives. If someone sold a LBA48-compliant PCI-based IDE controller 
card, with SPARC drivers, Solaris 8 would support it.
If you really need more than two 120GB drives, I have see a webpage that 
advertises a PCI-based SATA card, with SPARC drivers. Of course the list 
price is in the $350.00 range.  At these prices, I'd start thinking 
about replacing the Ultra-10 with a second hand Sun Blade 100 or 150. 
( or ebay)

Ultra 10 limits you to 120ish gb in its controller.  See
for limitations imposed by certain versions of Solaris 8.

It's 133GB  it's a 28-bit address bus on the IDE controller.  2^28 
512-byte sectors = 137,438,953,472
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