SUMMARY: E450 X6540A disk problems

From: Ryan Betz <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 16:26:29 EDT
Many thanks to Ryan Krenzischek, Kris Briscoe, and John Stoffel for 
their quick responses.  Running the command 'devfsadm' to recreate the 
/dev and /devices entries seemed to have fixed the problem.  I was 
originally using 'drvconfig' to no avail.  It did not fix the problem on 
the onboard controller seeing a drive in t1, but I haven't tried 
swapping hardware out for that yet.  Thank you very very much for all 
the help!!


Here's the original question:

I have an E450 that is giving me some problems finding disks.  It's a
2X400MHz, 1GB RAM, Gigaswift UTP card, and 20x73GB IBM HDDs running
Solaris 8.  It was originally built with 2xX6602A (the DPT HW RAID
controllers), however recently one of them has started flaking out.  Due
to a change in needs and a some suggestions I decided to replace it with
a X6540A SYM22801 card and do software RAID as I just use it mostly as a
file server and not many processor intensive tasks.  The problem I'm
running into is that in the 'format' command the Symbios card won't see
any drives on t1 (for example c2t1d0, c3t1d0), only t0, t2, and t3.
I've tried changing slots, swapping drives, scsi cards, scsi cables, and
backplanes.  I'm comfortable with the machines, but I'm by no means an
expert, as I'm mostly a Linux person, so it might be a very simple quirk
that I just haven't run across yet.  The other RAID card works fine, and
I haven't had too many problems with it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for
any help ahead of time and I'll be sure to summarize my findings!
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