SUMMARY: Add SAN disk without Reboot

From: Seth Rothenberg <>
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 15:22:31 EDT
Thanks to all who replied (original Q and list below), even without
waiting for all the fine details.
Some assumed correctly - this is an existing installation of Solaris 8
using Sun-Branded Controllers...we have configured sd.conf etc
We have 135 disks online (270 paths), and wanted to add newly-allocated
disk from the SAN.
Contrary to "support desk" advice, you CAN add disk without a reboot...

We needed to do the following
devfsadm -C
cfgadm -al     (to get a list of controllers)
cfgadm -c configure c2::500610003412EAB23141
cfgadm -c configure c4::500610003412EAB23142

After the above, the disks are visible in format, but they are
Run format, scroll through the disk list, and then select the new disks
one at a time, you will be prompted whether to label Now?, answer Yes.
(It's only necessary to label the disk once, even though it has 2

vxdctl enable     (to tell veritas to look for new disks)
vea                   (to work with them)

Thanks to all these people...

"Shyam Hazari" <shazari@g  
"Nevander Holland" <nevan  
Darren Dunham <ddunham@ta  
Reggie Beavers <reggiebea  
"Pandey, Abhimanyu" <apan  
"Kanellopoulos, Angelos"   
"Engle, Victor" <Victor.E  
"Bob" <wick@>  
"Harrington, David B (Con  
Bernd Schemmer <Bernd.Sch  
"Hackett, Peter" <PHacket  
"Urie, Todd" <Todd.Urie@b  
"Timon, John (IBM)" <john      *  (First responder, provided most of the
info above:-) *
"Scott, James" <j

>>> "Seth Rothenberg" <> 04/05/06 12:53 PM >>>
(Things have been working for a while, so I have been quiet :-)

Our Sun/Hitachi SAN admin allocated new disk for us,
and we are hoping to see it without a reboot.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Archives & Google don't seem to know....

We ran devfsadm and it did not help.

drvconfig/devlinks/disks  also doesn't help, but I knew that already.

The disks will be used in Veritas Volume Manager.

Thanks in advance
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