SUMMARY: ldap naming service

From: Beck, Joseph <>
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 08:29:55 EDT
Thanks everyone for the quick responses:

JES is a free software now ...

Here are some useful links

There is no free support for JES and very hard to get any proper info.


Sun Directory server is free and well support by Sun support forum (free



Beginning a few years ago Sun made the Directory server available free
of charge for Sun systems running Solaris 8. The limit was 200,000
entries which was large enough for most applications. Then last fall I
believe Sun made the Directory and Web/App servers also free and only
charge for support.

If you intend to use the Directory primarily as a naming service for Sun
systems I think it would be easier to use the Sun Directory server
because it is pretty nicely integrated with the OS.

Good luck with your project,


From: Beck, Joseph
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Subject: ldap naming service

Based on a post from a while back, I see that the overwhelming majority
of you recommend ldap for naming services/user mgt. when # of servers &
users warrant it.

We do not own JES license or use much sun s/w...I see openLDAP comes
highly recommended but was wondering what support options are out there.

We'll be sure to implement a replicated solution, but still want to
cover myself. Also I see documentation out there (from bigadmin)
covering this topic, but am also interested in articles, books, Best

Appreciate any feedback in terms of recommendations, experiences, docs,
links, etc.

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