SUMMARY: SMF and legacy scripts

From: Andrew Hall <>
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006 - 12:26:35 EDT

Many thanks to francisco, Bernd Schemmer, Luc I. Suryo, and Darren Dunham.

My issue was caused by the fact that by default we disable inetd on all 
our servers.  I had disabled inetd with "svcadm disable 
svc:/network/inetd:default", and since inetd is a dependency of he 
multi-user (rc2) milestone, which is required for multi-user-server 
(rc3) milestone, no legacy scripts were ran as the server never reached 
multi-user or multi-user-server.  I was able to determine what was going 
on w/ the "svcs -x", "svcs -xv FMRI", and "svcs -l".  I re-enabled inetd 
and then went through and disabled each service I don't use.  I used the 
"svcs -xv FMRI" and "svcs -D FMRI" to determine the dependencies and 
"inetadm -d FMRI" to disable the service.

Thanks again to all that replied!


Andrew Hall wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a legacy SMF script issue I'm hoping to get some assistance with. 
>     As I understand it any script in /etc/rc*.d thats executable will be 
> executed by the corresponding /sbin/rc* script.  These scripts start 
> each file in that directory with  /lib/svc/bin/lsvcrun.
> My legacy script appears to not being ran during boot up.  The script 
> works and has no syntax issues.  I have tried using a symlink in 
> /etc/rc3.d, copying the script directly into /etc/rc3.d, it's executable 
> and owned by root.
> I am unable to debug whats going on as 
> /var/svc/log/milestone-multi-user-server:default.log is 0 bytes and is 
> not being updated at all.
> Do I have to register the script w/ SMF somehow?  Any idea why my 
> milestone files are not being written to?
> Thanks,
> Drew
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