SUMMARY: Sun Fire V210 no longer displaying on XVR-100

From: William <>
Date: Thu Mar 30 2006 - 01:07:11 EST
Dear all,

First off can I thank everyone that responded, more specifically Iain and

My issue was resolved by running the command 'eeprom
output-device=screen:r1024x768x75' as root

I ran the command from user land and waited for the nightly reboot,
hey presto all works fine the next morning.

Before my output-device was only set to 'screen'.

Thank you again.



On 24/03/06, William <> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have a batch of 6 V210's with the XVR-100 product installed, during
> the o/s installation I had the display working by setting the
> output-device variable and rebooting. Everything seemed fine until we
> had these racked up and in production, we are trying to use a new KVM
> system on the boxes but they are not responding on VGA at all.
> We have tried having the KVM installed correctly while the machines
> reboot but we are still getting a blank screen.
> When we plug in a standalone monitor and Sun KB (taking the KVM out of
> the equation) we get a white screen on the monitor and nothing else.
> Using prtdiag I can confirm it shows the graphics card as :
> 'SUNW,XVR-100 (Display)  SUNW,375-3181 okay /pci@1d,700000/SUNW,XVR-100@1'
> Thank you for your time.
> Regards,
> Will
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