SUMMARY: Check disk size

From: <>
Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 12:57:36 EST
Hi All, 

Thanks to those that replied to my problem, specialy Reggie Beavers, Shyam 
Hazari and Pascal Grostabussiat. 

I am waiting for HDS Support to see if there is a tool for Solaris like 
xpinfo to dig out information from TagmaStore. 

Meanwhile, I made the script below, using prtvtoc - tested on E20K running 
Solaris 9:

        CTLR=$(cfgadm -la | grep fc-fabric|awk '{print $1}') 
        for DISK in `ls /dev/rdsk/${CTLR}*s2` 
          echo $DISK  | tr -d "\n" 
          prtvtoc $DISK | sed -n '/Partition/{n;p;}' | awk '{print " -", 

The output should be: 

        /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E8004295120d0s2 - 0.0732422Gb 
        /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E8004295120d10s2 - 144.163Gb 
        /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E8004295120d11s2 - 144.163Gb 
        /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E8004295120d12s2 - 144.163Gb 
        /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E8004295120d13s2 - 36.0278Gb 

Best Regards,

Frederico B. Caldeira
Unix Administrator
Embraer - SJK
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