SUMMARY: T1000 storage

From: Francois Bousquet <>
Date: Tue Mar 28 2006 - 13:43:10 EST
After receive a couple of reply, here is the summary:

The Sun Fire T1000 is intented to be very lost cost server to be use as a
cluster node.  That explain the non-redundant power supply and hard disk.
Same thing for no optical media drive to save cost, you will have to
Jumpstart the system.

It is possible to add a HBA and to boot on SAN.  Got no news about iSCSI

Because I am looking for a standalone server, I will have to look for the

Conclusion : Sun fire T1000 = lost cost cluster node server

On 3/23/06, Francois Bousquet <> wrote:
> We are looking to purchase a Sun Fire T1000 to replace a couple of our old
> test servers, but when I review the server's specifications I notice that
> only 1 hard disk was present in the server.  In addition, there was no
> CD/DVD drive for easy installation.
> What is the purpose of having a server with only 1 hard disk, if it is
> failing the whole server is down?
> Is it possible to boot on SAN with iSCSI from one of the 4 gigabit
> ethernet interface?
> I know I should probably go for a T2000, but the T1000 was cheaper but I
> would expect it to have at least 2 hard drives to do mirror with them.
> What are the best practice for T1000 usage?
> - Francois
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