Summary: No space left on device

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Sat Mar 25 2006 - 06:01:38 EST
Dear managers,

thanks to

Marcel Knol <>
"John Leadeham" <>
John Kennedy <>
Nathan Dietsch <>
David <>
"Mordechai T. Abzug" <>

I was informed that the disk is not freed before the processes that 
have created the files have terminated, even if I removed the files 
with rm before. I don't think that was an issue here. I removed a lot 
of files that were created months ago by rsync (most likely no running 
process), but it still did not update the df output.

I then used "du -sk /*  | sort -nr | more" (thanks to John Kennedy) to 
efficiently find large files, found one, removed it and now I am at 81% 
diskusage in /. I still don't know why removing the other files did not 
do the trick, but I am at least away from devcon 3 again.

Thanks a lot!



Original question:

I got an emergency call today (malfunction of an applicatioin). I
logged into the Solaris 9 machine and got

2006-03-25 09:32:07.000 make_services[587] Failed to create lock
directory '/home/ahoesch/GNUstep/Defaults/.GNUstepDefaults.lck' - No
space left on device

I checked df and realized that the disk is full.

bash-2.05# df -k
Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d0       56430398 56076236       0   100%    /
/proc                      0       0       0     0%    /proc
mnttab                     0       0       0     0%    /etc/mnttab
fd                         0       0       0     0%    /dev/fd
/dev/md/dsk/d3       5046030  824427 4171143    17%    /var
swap                 7602736     176 7602560     1%    /var/run
swap                 7608808    6248 7602560     1%    /tmp
                        117184  117184       0   100%    /cdrom/991-2000k

Well, I removed a bunch of files with "rm -rf" and expected that I
would see some free disk space in "df -k" then, but that's notthe case.
It remains at capacity 0. What am I doind wrong and what's the best
approach to find the cause for the immense disk consumption?
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