SUMMARY: Solaris 8 - 2GB log issue

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Wed Mar 01 2006 - 14:43:01 EST
Thanks to everyone for thier response. To name a few:
Casper Dik
Brad Morrison
Dale Ghent
Rob Windsor
Adam Levin
Gary Paveza

The problem is the Kerberos Application which doesn't support large 
file. To do so it has to be recompiled. The better solutions sugested by 
gurus is to rotate log file frequently.

My original post was:

>Hi Gurus,
>We have a Kerberose Master Server runing Solaris 8. It has attached SAN 
>which writes kerberose log files. The SAN file system is under Veritas 
>and is VXFS with largefiles support. The problem is when kerbseors log 
>file reaches 2GB it stops writing the log file. I checked with mkfs to 
>create a file 3GB on the SAN vxfs file ssytem and was able to create it. 
>I am not getting why the log file stops at 2 GB when vxfs does have 
>largefile support and was able to create a file more then 2 GB on the 
>same file ssytem.
>Need help ot resolve this.
>I will summrize.
>Best Regards
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