SUMMARY: iSCSI: Any experiences?

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Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 05:35:45 EST
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not so very much responses, and it seems that iSCSI is not very common at
the moment, :-).
Thanks for quick replies goes to:
Karl.Rossing@Federated.CA and
Magnusson Johan []

Most of you suggested thinking about NFS instead of iSCSI, and of course, we
will also use NFS for some of the storages. But, unfortunately, NFS is not
the *real and only* solution, since we need raw partitions for the databases
(yes, I know that Oracle also supports NFS, but our customers don't use it,
and the planned new SAN is for our QA-network, so we have to do what the
customers do, :-) ).

Well, I think it's worth to take a closer look at iSCSI, as soon as I have
some real experiences I can share it, if you're interested.


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Hi @ll,

we're planning to build a SAN to consolidate our storage systems.
Unfortunately, FCAL is a little bit too expensive, so we're searching for an
alternate solution, for example iSCSI.
We would like to connect several systems, including SUN E420, V20z, and
But, before we start, I'd like to share your experiences...
Anyone used iSCSI before with Solaris? A quick google-search showed up that
it's supported with Solaris 9 and 10.

Thanks in advance, will (of course) summarize.

Keep on hackin',


Harald Husemann
Systems Engineer
Materna GmbH
D-44141 Dortmund
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