SUMMARY: CPU Ecache Help

From: Steve Dimoff <>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 11:11:12 EST

Can someone please help me figure out how I can view the amount of
CPU cache being used? We are running into an issue where we think the
CPU's cache is the problem and I need to check to see what's
available/used.  I've been looking and I haven't been able to find

Thanks everyone for all your emails!


You can download a collection of "CacheKit" scripts from

Included are three scripts you might find useful:
- icache: reports on instruction cache performance
- dcache: reports on data cache performance
- ecache: reports on external (L2,L3) cache performance

Note: you can only run one of these scripts at a time as they enable
hardware counters in the CPU, which can only be enabled at most two at a
time. (see man cpustat)

I've found these very useful during hardware benchmarking.
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