SUMMARY Solaris 10 Jumpstart stopped working

From: Tom Crummey <>
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 08:15:37 EST

Well I had been trying both an x86 and a sparc install and they failed
with the same error:

The name service information is incorrect. Please go back and enter the 
correct information.

On the sparc installation the problem was I hadn't put the client's
hostname and IP address in the LDAP server (I've got a transitional
arrangement where currently the jumpstart server is on NIS, but we're
moving to LDAP).

On the x86 installation, I had reinstalled a machine on 16th December
which had write access to the NFS install image. The process of
installation actually overwrites some links in the install image (a long
standing annoyance in jumpstart) and in previous versions of Solaris
these were restricted to /etc/inet/hosts, /etc/inet/netmasks. The one
that had bitten me was /etc/nsswitch.conf. As the system tries to
configure the LDAP name service it has to change the nsswitch.conf which
is supposed to be linked to a R/W partition. Since it was on the RO
install image, changing it failed and produced the error message above.

It would have been really quick to debug if I'd looked in


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