SUMMARY: svcadm question

From: Andrew Hall <>
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 13:55:46 EST
Thanks to John Malick, Rob McMahon and Darren Dunham.

To find the FRMI for a specific process one can:

# svcs -a | grep -i xfs

which returns

online         Jan_17   svc:/application/x11/xfs:default

# svcs -l x11/xfs
which returns info on the FMRI.

/bin/ps -o ctid -p <PID>   To get the contract ID and then
svcs -o ctid,fmri | fgrep <contract id>

The reason the process was not being killed when I disabled it was this 
service is historically a inetd controlled service and there was no stop 
method in the manifest.

I also was directed to the inetadm command.

Thanks again!


> Andrew Hall wrote:
>>Is there a way in solaris 10 to determine which FMRI is controlling a 
>>specific process?  For example if I have the following process:
>>nobody 13756     1   0   Jan 11 ?           0:00 /usr/openwin/bin/xfs
>>I looked w/ svccfg for xfs and I then ran:
>>svcadm disable application/x11/xfs
>>but the process is still running.  How do I determine which FMRI is 
>>controlling this process?
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