SUMMARY for Root .profile $PS prompts showing for all users' telnet connections

From: Barry Tait <>
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 11:00:50 EST
Many Thanks to the following who responded in my hour of need (Project
now back on track):

- Jim VandeVegt     Thanks for detailed response

- Damian Wiest      We both got the root cause ok, but I fixed the
problem differently

- Joseph Saldana   Thanks - the info you supplied was useful but not in
my Sol8 man page

- Victor Engle         Thanks

- David Harrington     Thanks


Root /.profile $PS1 and $PS2 prompts showing for all telnet connections
from all users.

Root cause:-

Root .profile used by inetd subprocess (telnetd) as inetd was improperly
started using:

$ /usr/sbin/inetd -s &   to start, so I got that piece right.  The
inetsvc initialisation script

does not use the root .profile but the above command does (when run as

Corrective Action:

Stop inetd ($ pkill -HUP inetd / $ pkill -9 inetd) then use the
following as root to start inetd

without the root environment $ env -i /usr/sbin/inetd -s &.  Telnetd
does not use/inherit the

root environment variables as a result.

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