Summary: How to recover /var/spool/lp (Solaris 10)

From: Thomas Rudolph <>
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 07:21:26 EST

many thanks for all hints. With original SUN software (new install of 
SUNWpsr, recommended patch 120467-02 failed to intall) I was not able
to fix it, /var/spool/lp always vanished after some time.

Finally I used CUPS print system and installed it 
like described here .

With the -i option of lpadmin I was able to reuse my previous printer 
scripts from /etc/lp/interfaces without any changes (to print with
application MENTOR Graphics Board Station EN2004).

Best regards


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>Betreff: How to recover /var/spool/lp (Solaris 10)
>Dear Sun Managers,
>how can I recover /var/spool/lp on a Solaris 10 machine, 
>without new installation of the whole machine?
>I have no more /var/spool/lp , dunno how it happend, 
>but now I look for a possibility to create it again.
>I tried to copy it from a Solaris 9 machine, but print services 
>always says in /var/lp/logs/lpsched 
>"Failed to open a print service file (No such file or directory)"
>Or, maybe there is some kind soul who can send me a tar file from 
>a /var/spool/lp on a Solris 10 machine ?
>Best regards,  
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