SUMMARY: mpxio with DEC HSG80

From: Tom Leffingwell <>
Date: Thu Dec 22 2005 - 10:49:35 EST
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Bill Teeple
Brett Lymn
Samy Sun
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 	I was't able to find anyone that had got this to work in the way I 
was trying to do it.  The consensus seems to be (and somewhat verified by 
testing) that only the Sun QLogic drivers will work with mpxio, not the 
Qlogic ones.  I am using the non-Sun QLogic cards.  I did consider 
flashing them into Sun cards, but I didn't try it.

 	I was also unable to QLogic's SANsurfer software to do failover 
either.  I'm going to try to contact their support people and see if I can 
get a response.

I've included my original post below.

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005, Tom Leffingwell wrote:

> Hello managers,
> 	I have a V490 with Solaris 9 09/05 freshly installed (my application 
> isn't qualified under Solaris 10).  I have two Qlogic QLA2300 cards connected 
> (through fabric) to a DEC HSG80 controller.  After installing the Qlogic 
> QLA2300 driver, I see the LUN for the disk 4 times, as expected since there 
> are 4 paths.
> 	I would like to setup mpxio to multipath the IO to that LUN.  I tried 
> enabling mpxio in scsi_vhci.conf, and adding:
> device-type-scsi-options-list =
> "DEC     HSG80", "symmetric-option";
> symmetric-option = 0x1000000;
> 	I've tried various combinations of spacing on the "DEC HSG80" line 
> followed by reconfiguration boots and I don't get any new devices.  I saw a 
> couple year old posting with a similar question, but no summary.
> 	I was hoping to avoid using HP's SecurePath product if at all 
> possible given its price tag.
> 	I've also read conflicting information on whether or not any of the 
> Sun SAN Foundation packages need to be installed.  Since I don't have SUN FC 
> cards, I'm guessing I don't.
> 	Also, assuming its possible to get this to work, should I be able to 
> boot off of it?
> Thanks,
> Tom Leffingwell
> Systems Analyst
> University of Miami
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