Summary: compress large files

From: Z H <>
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 17:02:16 EST
Thanks to:

Ozgur Demir 
Anthony Florendo
David Foster
Dave Tormey

Look like the problem is on windows side running WINZIP in 32bit mode.

I will try the bzip2 on solaris and WinRAR as suggested by Dave Tormey.

gzip also will compress file larger than 2G on Unix side, but winzip can not open it.


Original question:

To All Helpers:

We have Solaris 2.8 2/02.  The zip program has 2GB file limiation.

I have tried used gzip to zip the file fine, but winzip on the pc can
not open it.

Could anyone suggest a freeware tool for this task?
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