From: Rob McMahon <>
Date: Wed Dec 14 2005 - 06:35:16 EST
Impressive list, this.  Within minutes Casper Dik, Simon (the stressed) 
Burr, Cris Lovett, Steve Butterfield, Scott Mickey, and Peter Guthrie 
confirmed that this is indeed HVD, though with VHDCI connectors, so I'm 
going to need some adaptors or new leads.  A good starting point for 
this sort of information is  Choose your server, 
choose "Full Components List".  Maybe I should trust my Sun rep more ...

Thanks again,


Rob McMahon wrote:

> We've got a tape jukebox with a bunch of SDLT drives.  The drives talk 
> HVD SCSI and are currently connected via 6m cables to an aging E3500 
> which we need to retire.  I have a new V440 which I'd like to connect 
> this jukebox to.  The old cards are SBus, so they're no good to me, 
> and I need PCI replacements for them.  Now I'm struggling through the 
> mire of SCSI standards / compatibility matrices, but having laid out 
> my needs to my Sun rep he's come back with
> Description: Dual-Channel Differential UltraSCSI PCI Host Adapter & 2 
> 2M SCSI Cables
> Part Number:  X6541A
> Aren't these going to be LVD as opposed to HVD ?  Does anyone haave a 
> part number for HVD adaptors or third party adaptors that are known to 
> work ?

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