SUMMARY : metad client create: RPC: rpcbind failure

From: ssloh <>
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 01:38:07 EST
Here would like to thanks those who responses
Simon Yuan
John Leadeham
Lineberger Aaron

My finding.
Solaris 10 no longer using /etc/inet/inetd.conf for rpc services configuration. We should configure using scvadm or inetadm etc...I
am still trying to figure out how all those new command working together in order to handle rpc services.

As a software guy, we always check and ensure there are rpc services running at both nodes and can talk to each other.
One very basic thing we always overlooking is hardware, and frankly speacking, I also don't know how to check the hardware.

We depend the hardware engineers to do their due diligent. This problem turned out to be hard disk coming loose internally.

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Subject: metad client create: RPC: rpcbind failure

Hi Folks,

Solaris 10 running SunCluster 3.1 using SVM. The problem is while I trying to create the diskset using command
#metaset -s orads -a -h node1 node2
 node2 : metad client create: RPC: rpcbind failure

I tried the same command at node2 with the same error output
So somethings is amiss at node2.
While I tried #metaset -s orads -a -h node1, it was successfully created. Then I tried to add node2 into this diskset, it failed too
with same error.

I had make sure both nodes have all the required rpc running
#ps -ef | grep rpc
node2 was reboot with -r and rpcbind was restarted. There is not firewall in between nor TPC wrapper. Now I am in the dead end of
what is going on. Could yours please help. thanks a lot....
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