SUMMARY:nfs share mount problem

From: Vladimir <>
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 00:47:05 EST
Thanks to Yiannis Kanellopoulos, David Foster and Bernhard Sadlowski. I
really appreciate your help.

The problem was in NAT service with was between sub_net_1 and sub_net_2.
I discovered it with 'snoop'. And the thing owing to which I failed with
'rpcinfo -u has2 nfs' working as root was:

Executing 'rpcinfo -u has2 nfs' as root caused to open client port < 1024
(my guess only) and do the same with normal users caused to open client
ports like 24567 and so on. Seems NAT failed to work correctly with clients
ports < 1024 (NAT is provided with some cisco device.)

Original message is below.


Could you please help me with following problem:

I have in 

sub_net_1: has1, has2 servers

sub_net_2: web1, web2 servers

I can easily mount shares between servers in one subnet, i.e. between has1
and has2, also between web1 and web2. Moreover ;) I can mount web1(web2)
shares from has1(has2). BUT !  I can't mount has1(has2) shares from
web1(web2) server.

I found out the following:

Working as _root_ I found out:

web2:/$ rpcinfo -u has2 nfs
rpcinfo: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out program 100003 is not

but do the same as usual user:

web2:~$ rpcinfo -u has2 nfs
program 100003 version 2 ready and waiting program 100003 version 3 ready
and waiting

What could be the problem? 

Thank you in advance. I will summarize.
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