WG: SUMMARY: SUN V40z, Sol. 10 and SE3310

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Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 08:31:54 EST

got the following answer from Casper Dik, many thanks for the response and
for bringin' some light into the dark!


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>not a real solution for the initial problem, but a workaround: I had two
>LVD320 cards lyin' around, plugged them into the nodes, and voila, it
>Seems to me that the dual-cards are not supported in Solaris 10 x86...
>I also tried to install the glm-driver for Solaris 9, hm, not very
>successful: the package was installed without any error, but the driver
>could not be loaded, since it's 32 bit (and Sol. 10 is 64 bit).
>So, it works now, and as the V40z has enough slots, it's a good solution

There's a GLM driver in, I think, build 28 of Solaris Express and later
which works for these cards.  (Build 28 is not yet out)

It is, needless to say, a 64 bit driver as well as a 32 bit one.

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