SUMMARY: SUN V40z, Sol. 10 and SE3310

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Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 07:35:46 EST
Hi agn,

<original posting below>

not a real solution for the initial problem, but a workaround: I had two
LVD320 cards lyin' around, plugged them into the nodes, and voila, it works.
Seems to me that the dual-cards are not supported in Solaris 10 x86...
I also tried to install the glm-driver for Solaris 9, hm, not very
successful: the package was installed without any error, but the driver
could not be loaded, since it's 32 bit (and Sol. 10 is 64 bit).

So, it works now, and as the V40z has enough slots, it's a good solution for

Have a nice hackin',


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Betreff: SUN V40z, Sol. 10 and SE3310

Hi folks,

I'm currently setting up an SC 3.1, consisting of two V40z running Solaris
10 x86 and two SE 3310.
So far, everything's fine, but the nodes do not see the logical drives at
Both nodes are equipped with a "SUN PCI dual gigabit ethernet + dual SCSI
host adapter" card. tells me that I need a driver to use this
card, since it's not included in Solaris. But, the driver is only available
for Solaris 9, not for 10...
So, maybe it's not needed any more? Or am I missing a patch or something?
(I've used EIS-CD 251005 to patch the systems.) Or should it work, and I
have a misconfig somewhere else, maybe on the storages?
Anyone got this workin' before?

Thanks in advance, will (of course) summarize.

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