Summary: Non Gui HTTP server simulator

From: Ragnar Moller (MA/EAF) <>
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 11:57:55 EST
I got three responses to my inquiry about finding a tool to simulate a http

These all seem very sophisticated but also require a bit of work before being
possible to use, so I can't really
conclude on them at the moment. In addition, these suggestions will
undoubtedly be useable for the future.

 Robert Binz recommended looking into the Grider Tool
 David Foster Recommended FreeNx to speed up running X apps at
 Antony Florendo Recommended  SQUID at

 Additionally, two of my colleagues looked into modifying the Apache web
server for this test purpose.


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Hello Sun Managers,

We recently had a need to urgently troubleshoot the response from our Web
server towards a customer web client. Since we are neither in control of the
server source code, nor of the client source-code, the only way to
troubleshoot was to snoop, compare with standards and
request changes to the two packages, a long and tedious process.

During this proces we discovered a gui tool called TCPMON by Axis which woul
permit us to
simulate the server by modifying the real server response paste it in TCPMON
and send the modified response to the client. This should have permitted us
iterate much more quickly to find a response the client would accept.

Unfortunately our servers are remote and we can't run gui's very efficiently
over the remote connexion (not at all even).

So can some of you recommend a text-based (or gui + text compliant) tool
similar to this. The ideal tool would be Java based like TCPMON, but we
appreciate info on other tools as well.

I will summarize.

Ragnar Moller
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