SUMMARY: What ports are used for connection HP EVA to Sun

From: Thomas Widhalm <>
Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 06:26:25 EST
I asked, what ports a SunFire V440 uses to connect to a HP EVA Storage,
because we had a spagent process running wild on one of our servers,
that is, spagent (used to connect Server to EVA via FibreChannel) went
to over 90% CPU usage, while on other machines it uses below 1%.

We got to know, that spagent uses 2 specific ports to comunicate to the
EVA and if someone tries to make a connection to these (e.g.
portscanners) they go berserk.

In summary, no one knew the ports and looking back we a are not still
sure, if they exist at all! HP Support just offered us a bunch of
questions so we had to restart the server. Since then spagent uses it's
below 1% of CPU usage.

We are still in contact with HP so we might get a solution that this
won't happen again.

Thomas Widhalm
University of Salzburg, Austria
IT- Services
Systems Management
Unix Systems
pgp/gpg Key: 6265BAE6

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