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Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 17:21:50 EST
I finally found my faceplate for my system.  Without the faceplate, you don't 
know what each key position is for.  Original request is at the bottom.

I received many responses to my request.  Most fell along (2) lines of thought. 
  First, many people let me know that the E250 faceplates were easily broken, 
when people tried to lift the unit up by the faceplate.  I also received a few 
email requesting to inform them if I did find a source.

Thank you to everyone who replied to my email.

Why browsing eBay one day, I came across this auction:


I have no relationship with the seller, other than this business had the part I 
needed for (what I considered) a reasonable price.

Thanks again,

Jerry K

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Subject: [OT] Sun E250 faceplate
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 14:39:17 -0500
From: sunlist <>

I recently picked up a used E250 system for a pretty good price for my personal
training lab at home.  The down side was that the system did not include a
faceplate.  I didn't think that it would really bother me at the time, but now I
would really like to have the from of the E250 complete.

Does anyone have an old/spare e250 faceplate they would part with?


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