SUMMARY: Chicken & egg problem: 112945-33

From: <>
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 18:56:50 EST
Hi there,

A few people wrote to me with various suggestions.

One more or less said "reinstall Solaris 9 from scratch" - I can't
afford to do that for a patch!

Others suggested patch 112945-40 which has an update for smpatch related
issues rolled in.

I tried the following approach:

I did a pkgrm of the webm and associated packages - we weren't using them
and didn't need them yet.

Then I added them back:

SUNWwbapi SUNWwbcor
SUNWwbcou SUNWwbdev
SUNWwbdoc SUNWwbmc
SUNWwbpro SUNWwbsup SUNWdclnt

Then I tried to patchrm 112945-33 and it still complained that the patch
was installed but that's OK.   It's obsolete!

I added 112945-40 and it installed and updated everything just fine.

Then I edited line 54 of pmsetup based on this document:

And removed patch 117679-01 from the patch list.

Subsequently running pmsetup installs smpatch client successfully.

I tried doing the above without also adding
112945-40 and it installs but doesn't
add smpatch (and others) to /usr/sbin as it should.

I had a similar problem with other systems, but I was able to
remove 112945-33 and earlier on those ones.

I am now going to comb through my Jumpstart and remove all references
to 112945-33 and earlier so it is not installed.  Then I will do future
Jumpstarts with 112945-40 instead and so I should also be able to
install pmsetup during Jumpstart as well.  (MY objective is to
use smpatch to do final post install patching as part of automated
Jet installs).

If there is a new version of Patch Manager, I can't find it - it
hasn't been released yet.  I only have
which I downloaded a few days ago.

Thanks everyone for your help!


Rachel Polanskis		Systems Admin, University of Western Sydney
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