Summary: Fixing inode error on mirrored Root disks.

From: <>
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 11:17:47 EST
Apologies for the delay in posting this summary (original email back on
6/2/2005);   I actually did not get a change window to perform the work
until last week...   Much thanks to the many folks that offered help &
suggestions.   To name a few...Paul Robertson, Sal Serafin, David
Livingston, Matthew Lee Stier, Stan Pietkiewicz, Bill R. Williams, Millie
Sefcyk.   Believe me, it made a difference.

Here's what worked (Sunfire V480, SVM):
d10=Mirror              /dev/md/dsk/d10         /dev/md/rdsk/d10
       d11=SubMirror                 /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0
       d12=SubMirror                 /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0
Process Steps:

1.) Detach sub-mirror d12.
      /usr/sbin/metadetach  d10  d12      (detach d12 SubMirror (c1t1d0s0)
from  d10 Mirror.)
2.) Init system into OBP
      init 0
3.) Boot system off CDROM, single-user mode
      Solaris Install CD #1
      boot cdrom -s
4.) Run fsck against the (still) attached sub-mirror d11.
      Make sure  that root partition is unmounted.
      fsck -y -o f /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s0           (will resync submirror d12
after reboot, when reattached,
                                          as per David Livingston email)
5.) Init system into OBP
      init 0
6.) Boot system normally                  (System will come up normally,
but not mirrored)
7.) Perform a metaattach command, to attach the 'un-attached' sub-mirror.
This will sync up the unattached submirror, fixing the inode problem.   May
take couple hours.
      /usr/sbin/metattach  d10  d12       (reattach & resync d12 SubMirror
to d10 Mirror.)
      /usr/sbin/metastat | grep Resync    (check current percentage of
resync completion.)
8.) When completed, system is ready;   Reboot optional?

Again, thanks to all who helped.
Jim LaPeer
Sr. Systems Programmer
Ferris State University
Phone:   (231) 591-2142


I'm fairly new to Solaris administration... (Retread IBM Mainframe sysprog)

We have observed the following error message on one of our V1280 servers
that has a mirrored Root partition.   This server is running Solaris 9,
using Solaris Volume Manager for mirroring.

[ID 879645 kern.notice] NOTICE: /: unexpected free inode 427288, run fsck
(1M) -o f

The gentleman that set this server up (top notch sysadmin) went on to a
better opportunity, so I am learning fast.   Looks like the following
sequence of steps would get me through a correction... I would appreciate
any critiquing, or pointers, from more experienced folks.   Thanks in
advance - I will summarize in return.

1.) Bring down server to OBP level
2.) Boot server off CDROM, single user mode   (installation CDROM #1 ?)
3.) Mount root partition "/dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0" on " /a " (1st submirror)
4.) Run fsck on " /a "
5.) umount  " /a "
6.) Repeat process for second submirror.
7.) Reboot back into multi-user mode.

Again, thanks for any advice that might be offered.

Jim LaPeer
Sr. Systems Programmer
Ferris State University
Phone:   (231) 591-2142
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