SUMMARY: T3 continuously loops on booting

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 10:17:18 EST
Hi All

No answers to date, just found one other person who listed this on Sun's 
site, but no solution. After much playing the following appears to sort it.

The problem appears to be with a corrupted or invalid config area on the 
disks which causes the T3's O/S to crash during the boot phase.

So, what I ended up doing was, to get a disk with no config on it and 
tftp booted to the normal login. Then login and issue a boot -w command. 
This init's the config area on the disk and reboots the system. Then 
when the system has fully come back up, lgin again and then install the 
disks which caused the problem, but leaving the one I just initialised. 
Wait for the disks to spin up and be recognised by fru list command. 
Then boot -w again, wait for reboot and then install the last disk and 
boot -w again.

Then after the last rebbot, I could vol add etc.

A real pain, but no obvious way of doing it any other way.

Recovering from this does not appear to be in any of the Sun docs, so 
hopefully this will help someone else!!


Original mail

Hi All

I have been trying to update a T3 I have and have now got myself into a
catch 22.

I updated all of the disks to latest firmware
I checked the T3 had the latest EP and System firmware
I checked the other versions which appeared ok.
I boot -i'd the new image file and that worked ok.

I then tried to create a new volume which hung

vol add v0 u1d1-9 raid 5

The unit now just boots (even from tftp boot which I have also tried)
and gets to where you expect to login and starts again at the EP boot.
This loop then carries on forever.

I have tried removing the disks and another controller, so am at a loss
what is the next step to get back to normality!!

Any help appreciated.

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