SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Upgrade Installation Hangs

From: Tim Bingham <>
Date: Tue Nov 29 2005 - 07:37:42 EST
I had written in some time ago with a Solaris 8 to 9 upgrade on a 
V480 that would hang right after the "Begin script install_begin 
execution completed." message.

Thanks to Anthony Florendo and Aaron Lineberger who responded. The 
final fix eventually came from Ronald Maier at Sun Support who 
reported a bug with Disksuite and OS upgrades. He suggested 
unmirroring /, usr, var, and swap before attempting the upgrade.

I used the metadetach command to detach the secondary submirrors on 
the mirrors associated with those filesystems. Then, the metaroot 
command using the slice name of root to change it in /etc/vfstab, 
then manual editing of vfstab to change the devices for usr, var, and 
swap back to their original slice names. Reboot, then retried the 
upgrade, which worked this time. Reattached the submirrors, metaroot 
on the mirror, and edited vfstab to restore the mirrored 
configuration when done.


At 9:39 -0500 11/18/05, Tim Bingham wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I am trying to upgrade the OS on a SunFire V480 from Solaris 8 2/02 
>to 9 9/04 using a Solaris 9 system software CD set. I previously 
>successfully upgraded a V100 with the same OS versions using these 
>CDs so I'm pretty confident they're okay.
>I booted the CD, went through the identification steps, then the 
>next output looked like this:
>System identification complete.
>Generating software table of contents [this may take a few minutes...]
>Table of contents complete.
>Starting Solaris installation program...
>Executing JumpStart preinstall phase...
>Searching for SolStart directory...
>Checking rules.ok file...
>Using begin script: install_begin
>Using finish script: patch_finish
>Executing SolStart preinstall phase...
>Executing begin script "install_begin"...
>Begin script install_begin execution completed.
>The system then hangs. The hard disks activity lights blink, but it 
>never continues with the next steps.
>The V480, except for the hardware, is nearly identical to the V100 
>that I already upgraded. We use the V100 as a test bed for 
>applications on the V480 so I try to keep it as close as possible.
>Since my first attempt, I have applied patches suggested by the 
>analysis from PatchPro I installed, and tried the installation 
>without identifying a DNS server (as suggested by the first Sun 
>Support engineer I spoke with), but it still hangs.
>I am not using a Jumpstart server, just trying to upgrade off of the 
>CD. The two drives in the V480 are mirrored using Disksuite 4.2.1 
>just like the ones in the V100 that worked fine.
>Any ideas, please? I've searched the list archives and found a 
>couple others who posted with a similar problem, but solutions were 
>never posted. Sun Support has moved this up a step from the first 
>engineer I spoke with, but they haven't yet come up with any 
>suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated.
>Tim Bingham
>Upstate Medical University
>Syracuse, NY
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