SUMMARY: The latest named.root file

From: Warren Liang <>
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 16:38:48 EST

Received many great responses, like to share the following:
>From Bob Windsor, Dale Ghent, and Mathew Sams:

You can always get the latest root hints file by executing:
dig ns . > named.root
It rarely changes, so it's totally conceivable that the last change  was january 2004.
>From Bill Williams:
	nslookup -query=any
        origin =
        mail addr =
        serial = 2004012900
        refresh = 14400
        retry = 7200
        expire = 1209600
        minimum = 3600000

The SOA date (serial = 2004012900) would indicate that it is.
>From Crist Clark:
Yes and no. But it really doesn't matter. As long as a few of the root servers are OK, your name server should be able to get the latest root zone from them. That's why it is called a "hints" file. Your server just needs some hints where to start looking for the root zone.
You have the latest hints file.

However if you look at the root zone,
	$ nslookup -type=soa .

You should find the latest serial to be 2005112701. But the root zone contains a lot besides the hints, delegations for the gTLDs, ccTLDs, etc. plus all of their glue. 
Thanks again.
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