SUMMARY: Re: routing table oddities

From: Adam Levin <>
Date: Sun Nov 27 2005 - 22:25:58 EST
Original question summarized below.

Thanks to:
"" <>
Lou Germain <>
Webpro <>
"[ISO-8859-1] Anthony Florendo" <>
  "Hudes, Dana" <>
"Donovan, Chris" <>

Turns out the problem was the chair->keyboard interface, sort of.

I was *filtering* the tcpdump output, looking for  Naturally, 
this won't work, because is the *gateway*.  It is neither a 
source nor destination, and therefore won't show up.

Someone mentioned using snoop -V port 80, which showed the traffic leaving 
the interface.

In further diagnosing, I used snoop -v to get lots of detail, and saw 
the destination mac was the mac of the gateway, so it *was* going to the 
right place.

It turns out that this is a problem further down the network, and probably 
due to several hacks and kludges that we've been forced to put into place 
because the infrastructure is not entirely finished.

So, while I still can't connect where I need to, we now know there's no 
problem with Sun machine itself.

Thanks very much for the help!


On Sat, 26 Nov 2005, Adam Levin wrote:
> Now we have a problem: it needs to talk to the net.  Our network guy set up 
> our firewall (cisco FWSM in a 6509-e chassis) so that is a gateway.
> I then add a static route:
> route add -host -static
> That 66 address is, just for testing.
> When I try to telnet to that address on port 80, I get no errors for several 
> minutes.  I get the "Trying ..." message, and then several minutes later, it 
> times out and fails.
> I've used tcpdump to watch the interfaces (all of them!) and I don't see the 
> packets at all.  If I try to telnet to the gateway, I do see the 
> packets, though the connection is refused by the firewall.
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