SUMMARY: Growing rootvol in VxVM

From: Adams, Jonathan K. [C] <>
Date: Thu Nov 24 2005 - 11:09:16 EST
Thanks to Noelle Milton Vega and Vicky Mangat for the following info:


It can be done... Qualitatively as follows:

Basically you simply have to unmirror the various O/S related filesystems
(root, swap, var, etc), and have it run off of just one internal disk.
This involves detaching plexes from mirrors, removing the unused disks from
under volume manager control (vxdg & vxdisk commands).

Once you do that, partition the unused disk as your like and copy over your
O/S from the disk that is still under VM control (ufsdump | ufsrestore) to
On that disk, adjust the /etc/vfstab, /etc/system files, and remove the
/etc/vx/volboot file, and "touch /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/reconfig".
Now boot off of that disk.

Then you can encapsulate that disk and mirror the other way.

*	Break the mirror and replace the disk using may be vxdiskadm and
choose the option replace the disk. 
*	Or remove the disk from VxVM control. 
*	Add new add
*	And initialise the new disk. 
*	Add it to the rootdg group and mirror all the partitions on the root
disk to this 73gig disk. 
*	run command /usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxrootmir  <mirror disk name>
*	boot from rootmirror and repeat the
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