SUMMARY: sun cluster with 3510

From: Joel Langlois <>
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 08:19:29 EST
I had to open a case at SUN for this problem! Here is the info that Sun
engineer gave me...Hope this help someone.

Original message:

>   Hi all!
>   I installed a cluster with: two v440, dual hba on each server, one 
> 3510 with two RAID ctrl, solaris9, sun cluster 3.1, traffic manager.
> Common setup i think.
>   I use SVM to create diskset with the LUN of the 3510 in it! Now i 
> create a ufs over this  device (for oracle stuff), let say 
> /dev/global/rdsk/d1s0 (this is the did device corresponding to the 
> hardware LUN). I put an entry in vfstab with the /dev/global namespace 
> to mount this ufs.
> vfstab: /dev/global/dsk/d1s0  /dev/global/rdsk/d1s0  /dboracle9     
> ufs  2       yes     global
>  When i reboot the cluster, the device group does not come online??? I 
> have two take the ownership manually of the metaset to bring the 
> device group online (metaeset -s dgora -t).
>   My second attempt was to create a metadevice over the did device in 
> the metaset. So metainit -s dgora 1 1 d200 /dev/global/rdsk/d19s0. 
> After i use this d200 in the vfstab and everyting work correctly.
> vfstab: /dev/md/dgora/dsk/d200  /dev/md/dgora/rdsk/d200 /dboracle9   
> ufs  2       yes     global
> My question is why i have to create a metadevice if i have a raid 
> hardware (3510). Did i miss something?
> Thanks for help.

First answer Sun engineer:

> Email primary and alternate contacts when a Sun engineer updates this 
> Service Request: No
> Sun Engineer 18-Nov-05 1:24:17 PM, Mountain Standard Time (MST GMT-07:00)
>   Joel,
>  I spoke to a cluster backline. He indicated it must be a metadevice 
> created within the diskset, for the cluster to understand what device 
> it needs to use. I've included the document below as an example.
>  re:
> Jerry
> >> Document Audience: SPECTRUM
> >> Document ID: 80827
> >> Title: How to create a cluster file system using a metadevice on 
> Sun[TM] Cluster 3.x
> >> Update Date: Wed Mar 30 00:00:00 MST 2005
> >> Products: Sun Cluster 3.1 Software, Sun Cluster 3.0 Software, 
> Solaris Volume Manager Software, Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 Software
> >> Technical Areas: LVM (Logical Volume Management), Clustering
> >>
> >> Keyword(s):mediator, mediator host, cluster, suncluster, solaris 
> volume manager, solstice disksuite.
>   (((I cut the document here, this was a standard documentation on how 
> to create a cluster filesystem........

Me again:

> Customer 21-Nov-05 7:23:18 AM, Mountain Standard Time (MST GMT-07:00)
> Preferred Method of Response: Email
> Hello!
> I have a 3510 with two raid hardware ctrl! If i use SVM over it what 
> is the overhead (in term of performance) that this metadevice add???
> Is creating a metadevice is the common way of using a 3510 with hard 
> ctrl or do you recommend another procedure for that kind of storage.
> Thanks.

Second Answer from Sun enginner (case close)

> Sun Engineer 21-Nov-05 10:30:53 AM, Mountain Standard Time (MST 
> GMT-07:00)
> I spoke to a backline on this. He didn't believe there would be a 
> performance issue using SVM. But, I showed him your email, and he's 
> wondering if you want to just use the 3510 LUN to mount the file 
> system without using a diskgroup at all. I may have misunderstood you 
> at first. If this is the case, and you have only one LUN, you could use:
> /dev/did/dsk/dXsX /dev/did/rdsk/dXsX /<mountpoint> - - no global, logging
> If you have more than one LUN, you'll need to create a metaset.

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