SUMMARY: Upgrade Disks in A1000 with VXVM/VCS

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 15:37:46 EST
Many thanks to Darren Dunham who pointed me in the right direction. I
still have to do this in Porduction enviornment.
Here is the Summary:

First Remove the plex either by:
vxplex -dis plex_name
vxedit -rf rm plex_name (remove the plex from volume)
1) vxassist remove mirror volume_name !disk01 (remove the plex from

2) vxdg rm <disk> ( remove that lun from VM control )
3) delete LUN0 from rm6
4) Physically Remove DB1 LUN0 Disks (all 6 Disks from one A1000)
5) Insert 6X36G Disks and create LUN0 with rm6
6) Put LUN0 in VM control with either vxdiskadm or vxdisksetup
7) Recreate the plex - vxassist mirror <volume> <Disk_name> created step
8) This will take a while as it sync the current plex to new one. (plex
will be automatically created)
9) Repeat the same for other LUNs.

My Original Question Was:
Hi Gurus,
Need your expertise/suggetions with Disks upgrade A1000s under VXVM and
VCS control. We have two A1000s connected between two E4500 in VCS
control (cross connected). Both are running Oracle DB in Production
enviornment. The configuration is as below:
OS: Solaris 8
First A1000 - 6 Disks LUN0 - DB1
                  - 5 Disks LUN1 - DB2
                  -1 Disk HotSpare
Second A1000 - 6 Disks LUN0 -DB1
                      - 5 Disks LUN1 -DB2
                      -1 Disk HotSpare
LUN0 DB1 on both A1000s are Mirrroed with VXvm 3.5
LUN1 DB2 on both A1000s are mirrored with VXvm 3.5
and both are VXFS.

Issue: We are running out of disk space on Mirrored volumes so am
planning replace both LUNs in A1000s with higher capacity Disks (from
18G to 36G).

1) Remove DB1 LUN0 Disks (all 6 Disks from one A1000)
2) vxprint -ht
3) Break the mirror (vxplex -dis plex_name)
4) Insert 6X36G Disks and create LUN0 with rm6
5) put the LUN0 in Veritas control.
6) Re-establish mirror (vxplex -att volume_name New_plex_name)
7) Once sync completely remove the LUN0 DB1 from other A1000 and do the
8) Repeat the same procedure for LUN1.

1) Will above plan work without any interruption and Data loss?
2) Am i missing anything important in the above plan
3) Once i remove the disks from A1000 (6 Disks from LUN0 say) does
vxprint -ht will tell me which plex i need to disassoiate?
4) Better solution to this approch?

Any pointer/help will be greatly appreciated.
I will summarize.
Best Regards
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