SUMMARY FTP Upload therough HTTP Proxy Problem

From: Bernd Schemmer <>
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 15:45:20 EST
Thanks to all who respond;

Some suggested to use CURL - that's not an option for us because it's no 
standalone binary and need add. libraries that we can not install on our 
production systems

Lucien Hercaud suggested reading

I did nof find information on that site to solve the problem.

"SR" suggested the perl script at

Also not an option for us.

Dana Hudes reminds me to check if the proxy allows uplaoding files -it 
does;I tested it with Netscape 4..x

Currently I'm checking kermit and lynx. kermit seems to be able to do 
what I want but I'm still looking for a working configuration.

lynx can use our proxy for accessing http and ftp sites but I did not 
find a way to upload files with lynx

My original question is appended below


>I'm looking for a cli tool to upload files to an FTP site through an HTTP
>proxy. Can I use the standard ftp client for this task? I did not find
>anyhting about it in the man page.
>AFAIK this should be possible with kermit - but until now I did not get it
>to work (using kermit C-Kermit 8.0.211, 10 Apr 2004, for Solaris 8). Can
>anybody give a example for kermit?
>The optimal tool would be a single, static binary because we want to use it
>on production systems (running Solaris/SPARC 8 and 9).

Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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