SUMMARY: metaset: not owner of metadevice database

From: Michael Hase <>
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 12:47:50 EST
Problem was: could not take a svm diskset after power loss.

One reply from Aaron Lineberger.

It was a me too although on Solaris 9. He suggested to purge the diskset
and recreate it, for him without data loss.

I followed this advice and got everything as before also without any data 

Caveat: every metadevice must be recreated exactly as it was, 
especially raid devices or mirrors should not be initialized or 
resynced, and surely no newfs. In our case there were only some soft 
partitions as it's hw raid. I could mount them all after a reboot.

Thanks again Aaron.


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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 13:59:39 +0100 (CET)
From: Michael Hase <>
Subject: metaset: not owner of metadevice database


after a power loss a new v240 (solaris 10) can't see a previously defined 
diskset on a third party scsi raid array (transtec 6200):

# metaset

Set name = trans1, Set number = 1

Host                Owner
  v240               No (auto)

Drive    Dbase

c5t0d0   No

# metaset -s trans1 -t
metaset: v240: rpc.metad: Permission denied

# metaset -s trans1 -f -t
metaset: v240: trans1: not owner of metadevice database

# metaset -s trans1 -f -C take
metaset: v240: trans1: not owner of metadevice database

The strange thing is, it seems there are no metadb replicas on c5t0d0.
Disk slices look correct like any disk in a diskset: s7 15mb on cyl 0, 
the rest of 545gb on slice 0.

There is only one host defined for this diskset, because it's still in 
setup and testing. It is planned to give access to a second sun box as a 
cold standby.

Is this svm diskset config messed up? Can we repair it somehow? It would 
be no problem to delete the diskset if necessary, but I really would like 
to be able to handle such a situation.

Local metadevices all look ok.


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