SUMMARY: moving /opt to SVM RAID-5

From: John Christian <>
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 07:27:57 EST
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Thanks to: Gary, Joe, Mike, Brad, Todd, Anthony, and Dana for taking the time
to share their thoughts.

> What steps are we overlooking?
None really, but... Many folks suggested that instead of moving the entire /opt
file system, we should consider creating a new file system for /opt/openv only.
Just move the NetBackup stuff and leave the rest of /opt where it is now. This
is sound advice. However, we are considering the use of Bare Metal Restore
which uses /opt/BareMetal (or similar) and we didn't want to create yet another
file system for BMR when the time comes. For us, it was just as easy to move
all of /opt since /opt is used for little else.

> Are there any problems with putting /opt on a RAID-5 SVM metadevice?
Nobody addressed this either way. This Q was the result of a sentance in an SVM
Admin Guide that states: "you cannot use a RAID 5 volume for root (/), /usr,
and swap, or for existing file systems." I'm sure this is due to single-user
mode considerations, but wanted to double check real world risks with /opt on

> I really should wait 'til Monday shouldn't I?
Yes, of course. Did I? No, of course not. I tempted the gods of change and they
smiled favorably this time.

-John Christian


I know, I know; never make changes on Fridays. But this looks so easy to fix...

Our V-880 is as a master/media Veritas NetBackup server. The /opt file system
has run out of room due to /opt/openv/netbackup/db/images/[client] subfolders.
Since /opt was originally sized to 7-GB, we plan to migrate /opt to a larger

Fortunately, we have 3 unused 72-GB drives in the 880. Our plan is to use the 3
drives to create a ~60-GB SVM/disksuite RAID-5 volume for /opt. (The other
space on the 3 drives may be used for a centralized syslog project.)

Then we'll put the 880 in single user mode, fsck /opt, ufsdump /opt to its new
home, modify /etc/vfstab, fsck the new /opt to verify, and boot. We'll probably
also add a few metadb copies to the 3 drives since the only metadb's are on
disks 0 and 1 now.


What steps are we overlooking?
Are there any problems with putting /opt on a RAID-5 SVM metadevice?
I really should wait 'til Monday shouldn't I?

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