From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 15:31:38 EST
This was one of those silly things that I would have never figured
out in a million years if Dave Miner had not asked about it. Despite
filling in netmasks in dhcpmgr(1M) dialogs, in.dhcpd(1M) (and
dhcpmgr(1M) too) actually need netmask information in the netmasks(4)
file in order to work properly. Once I added,

That is tell them that I'm breaking this Class B space into /24
networks, things worked a lot more smoothly. (Well, after I re-entered
everything into dhcpmgr since it killed all of my data for when I removed the extra entry).

Thanks to the others who responded as well.

Crist Clark wrote:
> I have to say that dhpcmgr(1M) is the kind of admin GUI that reminds
> us why admin GUIs have a bad name and why I stay away from Windows.
> It still thinks the world uses classful IP addressing? It took me a
> while to get the thing to work at all.
> I just want to quickly set up DHCP on a Solaris 10 machine to hand out
> a network address to a DHCP client. The client is, literally, a black
> box with just a network port in it. It's sending a DHCPDISCOVER packet
> with a Host Name option set. I can't get the Sun DHCP server to respond
> to it. When running in debug mode I see,
>   43727d46:  Datagram received on network device: qfe0(limited broadcast)
>   43727d46:  select_offer:  hostname request for globalstar-03
>   43727d46:  name_avail(F):  the DHCP server believes the IP address 
> that corresponds to the requested host name is not managed by the DHCP 
> server.
>   43727d46:  select_offer:  name_avail false or no address for 
> globalstar-03
> However, I have an entry in /etc/hosts for globalstar-03 that falls
> squarely into the range managed by the server. At least I see that
> IP address listed in the dhcpmgr interface.
> Does anyone have experience with these awkward DHCP tools Sun provides?
> I'd like to get this up in a hurry.
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