SUMMARY: Recommended and Security Patches versus Solaris release

From: Sebastien Daubigne <>
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 09:36:05 EST
Thanks to Tim, Scott, Matthew, JV, Chis for your answer.

+ Concensus is that updating is not equivalent to patching.
+ Patching only affect packages which are already installed.
+ Updating will add new packages/fonctionnality that patching will not,
especially hardware specific packages
+ The latest version of Solaris 8 is 02/04, not 07/03

There was also an advice to not clone from E450 to V440 because they are not
the same architecture.

About this, I must say that even if this is not recommended or supported, it
can work if all necessary packages/patches for  V440 are installed (and both
servers are sun4u).
I've already done this from E450 to SF280 without trouble :

- boot cdrom
- ufsdump/ufsrestore
- cleanup /dev /devices
- copy /dev /devices and /etc/path_to_inst from CDROM
- installboot
- modify vfstab
- boot -r

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Does someone know if upgrading a Solaris 8 system to latest release (e.g
from 02/02 to 07/03) using CDROM is equivalent to applying latest
recommended & security patches ?

Would I miss some new packages (HW related and others) if I only patch the
system instead of upgrading ?

The idea is to prepare a Solaris 8 02/02 on a E450 to be cloned to a V440
which only supports Solaris 07/03. I want to make sure that I will have all
necessary packages for V440 by just patching with latest recommended

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